On the territory of Capannori there are three public libraries:

Central Municipal Library "Giuseppe Ungaretti"o Cultural Centre "Artèmisia"

external image Artemisiaexternal image ArtemisiaArtèmisia is the cultural center of Capannori which houses the municipal library with five reading rooms and wi-fi access, an auditorium of 150 square meters in which there are also a newspaper and a media library, historical archive and a café. Outside there is a courtyard equipped with a stage for performances and a green park with tables and soccer goals. E 'was created in 2012 by the municipality because of the contributions of the Tuscany Region and the Foundation Cassa di Lucca in the former Mattaccio.

Where is – contact

Via dell'Aeroporto n.10 (Ex-mattaccio) – Tassignano - Capannori (LU)
Tel.: +39 0583 936427
Fax: +39 0583 932844

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 19.30 pm
Thursday from 9 am to 23:00
Saturday from 8.30 to 18.30
2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 9.30 to 12.30

How to apply

To access the library services you need to register. Registration is free.
To register you must complete a form showing proof of identity. As a result of registration will be issued a card to be presented at time of use of a service.

Basic library services

  1. Consultation within all documentary heritage (newspapers, magazines, books, multimedia materials);
  2. Home loan of books, magazines and multimedia materials;
  3. Interlibrary loan and document delivery;
  4. Internet Connection Service (No. 6 stations);
  5. Bibliographic searches;
  6. Consultation on-line legal database (Official Gazette, DeA Professionale, BURT online);
  7. Service photocopying, fax and print from computer.


What you can consult in the library?

About 20,000 books.
About 400 multimedia documents (cd audio, dvd, cd rom).
N. 6 newspapers:

  1. Il Corriere di Lucca
  2. Il Sole 24 Ore
  3. Il Tirreno
  4. La Gazzetta dello Sport.
  5. La Nazione
  6. La Repubblica

N. 31 periodic:

  1. Airone – Giorgio Mondadori (Category: nature)
  2. Altreconomia – Altreconomia editions (Category: Economy)
  3. Altroconsumo  - Altroconsumo editions (Category:utility)
  4. Amadeus – De Agostini Rizzoli periodic (Category: music)
  5. Archaeology alive – Giunti (Category: archaeology)
  6. Art e dossier – Giunti (Categoriy: art)
  7. Bell'Italia – Giorgio Mondadori (Category: travel and tourism in Italy)
  8. Bell'Europa – Giorgio Mondadori (Category: Travel and Tourism in the Old World)
  9. Libraries Today - Publishing Bibliography (Category: bibliography and library science)
  10. Domus – Editoriale Domus (Category: architecture, planning and product-design)
  11. Cineforum – Italian Federation Cineforum (Category: movies)
  12. Democracy and Law – Franco Angeli (Category: Law)
  13. Gaia – Ecoistituto del Veneto Alex Langer (Category: Ecology)
  14. Gardenia – Giorgio Mondadori (Category: Gardening)
  15. The Mill - The Mill Publishing Company (Category: Politics)
  16. Internazionale – Press di Distribution editorial (Category: News)
  17. Iris - Company Il Mulino (Category: philosophy)
  18. Italian Cooking - Press Distribution editorial (Category: Food)
  19. Science - Somedia (Category: science and technology)
  20. Liber-Idest (Categoria: bibliografia)
  21. Limes – Somedia (Category: Bibliography)
  22. L'Espresso – Somedia (Category: News)
  23. The index of the books of the month - The index scarl (Category: Literature)
  24. Mind and Brain - Somedia (Category: psychology)
  25. Micromega – Somedia (Category: philosophy)
  26. Musica Jazz – Hachette Rusconi (Category: music)
  27. National Geographic – Somedia (Category: nature)
  28. New Topics - Editorial Press Distribution (Category: Literature)
  29. Paper - Paper (Category: Politics)
  30. PC Open – Agepe (Category: Information Technology)
  31. Aut Aut – Il Saggiatore (Category: philosophy)

Activities to promote reading and lifelong learning

The library regularly organizes various initiatives for promoting the dissemination of reading:

  1. Continuing education courses (languages, computers, photoshop, artistic design, poetry workshop)
  2. Activities with schools of all levels (Championship Reading "In the last book, " Laboratory of Poetry)
  3. Review poetry kids
  4. Special opening of the Library ("The Library is open") at the show in Capannori
  5. Poetry prize
  6. Series of meetings of Philosophy
  7. Meetings with authors, seminars, lectures
  8. Stand out during intercultural "Oltrepassare"
  9. Free loan of audiobooks for the blind and partially sighted people face in collaboration with the National Book Centre Speech - tape library "Stefano Bruni" in Florence
Loan documents at Campo di Marte Hospital of Lucca ("The Library of patients) and at Hospice San Cataldo.