The Villas

The Villas of Lucca

In the territory of Capannori we can admire about one hundred fifty villas.
They were built between the XV and the XIX century by rich merchants of Lucca, devoted to commercial and banking activities.
These villas, fine examples of architecture, constitute a real system of landscapes, based upon the palace in itself and also enriched by the gorgeous parks with rare trees, amazing fountains and pools, little lakes, statues, fish-ponds and arboreous constructions.
During the centuries ('500, '600, '700), passing from a family to another, these summer estate were often enlarged and modified according to the style of every different age; these villas were located in areas of special beauty, surrounded by deep groves and peaks or marvellous gardens in italian style, and they faced the valley down below.
Some of these splendid buildings, perfectly preserved and wisely restored, are today used as scenary for demonstrations, meetings, cultural events and weddings (to have information about weddings in villa).
As far as events are concerned, it is important to mention the cultivation of camellias that takes places in villas and gardens of Compitese where, every year in March, during the period of flowering, begins a great demonstration: an exhibition and market of camellias.

Villa Mansi

Villa Torrigiani

Villa Reale

Other Villas

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