The Parish

What are the parish? A little bit of history

The term parish identifies a rural church integrated in an ecclesiastic district.
Parishes were built along streams and main streets in order to be easily reached by the villagers coming from the countryside. The term parish itself comes from the latin plebs, plebis that means plebe, plebs, thus highlighting the function of these religious buildings that offered to the villagers a place of worship nearer than the others located inside the city centre. Parishes assumed a great importance in the villages and became a reference point for the religious life. For many centuries they were the only places in which people could find a baptesimal font and a cemetery.
The spread of parishes began in the V century, along with Christian religion itself. In 1260, the diocese of Lucca numbered 59 parishes, that septupled after the following division of old ones.

The parishes of Capannori

Among the 59 parishes recognized by the diocese of Lucca, eight of them are located in the territory of Capannori.
They hosts important pieces of art and interesting fittings (altars, stoups, pulpits and so on), wooden works, goldsmith's art and silk paraments.
During the centuries they were basically modified: restored, rebuilt and enriched with architectural elements such as domes, chapels and porchs.

The parishes of Capannori are the following:

- Plebs Sanctae Mariae de Lammari (a. 904) - Lammari.
- Plebs Sancti Frediani de Lunata (a. 812) - Lunata.
- Plebs Sanctae Mariae de Marilla (a. 918) - Marlia.
- Plebs Sancti Stephani de Villa (a. 983) then Plebs Sancti Iohannis Baptiste de Computo (a. 1077)   Pieve di Compito
- Plebs Sancti Pauli de Gurgite (a. 779) - Pieve San Paolo.
- Plebs Sancti Ianuarii de Asilattia (a. 980) - San Gennaro.
- Plebs S. Laurentii de Sugrominio (a. 872) - Segromigno in Monte.
- Plebs Sancti Petri de Eowurno (a. 867) - Vorno.
(*)In recent times has been added also the so-called Pieve Prepositurale the church of Capannori of Saints Santi Quirico and Giulitta.

Besides these parishes we have also to mention the other churches, that are worth visiting. These architectonic jewels will be described in another section specifically dedicated to them.




Pieve di Compito

Pieve San Paolo

San Gennaro

Segromigno in Monte



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