Paths and thematic itineraries

The territory of Capannori can be divided in three main areas: the northern area from the Pizzorne plateau to the hills underneath it, the central area with the chief town and the surrounding fractions, the southern area called “Compitese”, above the Mount Pisano.
Thanks to this particular conformation, the territory of Capannori offers the possibility of undertaking different itineraries in order to discover its specific aspects.

Itineraries can be in turn divided in thematic areas.

Tourists who want to discover the cultural aspects of the territory may organize visits to the historical villas which, with their mansions, parks and gardens, constitute real architectonical jewels embedded in the landscape.
Another cultural and naturalistic itinerary runs along the path of the camellias in the towns of Pieve di Compito and S.Andrea di Compito.
Those, on the other hand, who wants to privilege the cultural-religious aspect of the territory may discover the beautiful parishes and churches that, with their decorations and works of art, constitute an important evidence of the past. Parishes and churches may be visited along the rings linked to the Via Francigena that runs in the heart of Capannori.
Those who wants to privilege the naturalistic aspect of the territory may take advantage of the trekking paths that Capannori offers, in particular in the Compitese area on Mount Pisano and on the Pizzorna plateau. Along with the trekking paths it is worth to mention the route of Marlia, a path where you may breathe fresh air and practice and train surrounded by the nature.

Last but not least, Capannori does not neglect gastronomy. Tourists may in fact choose itineraries that will lead them to the discovery of high quality products: wine and extra-virgin olive oil.
Worth to be mentioned is also the Path of Good Water where the Aqueduct of Lorenzo Nottolini rises and high quality water spurts from fountains.

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Villas Route

The Oil Route

The Wine Route

The Water Route

The Via Francigena Route

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The Camellias Route

Trekking Paths of Monte Pisano

Trekking Paths of the Pizzorne

The Life Route of Marlia

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