Permanent Exhibition and Museums

Museums in Capannori are entirely dedicated to the development of the past.
The Archaeological Group of Capannori has organized a Permanent Archaeological Exhibition for those who wish to discover the first human settlements in Capannori, and where the visitors can admire interesting archaeological findings.
As far as recent past is concerned, Capannori gives the possibility of diving into the rural reality that formerly characterized the entire plain, whose economy was mainly based on agriculture. On the territory there are several traces of this period, from the typical courts of Lucca scattered in every fraction to the structures used in everyday life: wash-houses, for instance. Nevertheless, there is the risk of losing the memory of the rural life that constitute integral part of our own life, and that is why cultural associations working on the territory have tried to preserve this remembrance. Specifically, the Cultural Association “La Ruota” and the Cultural Association "Ponte" have respectively organized a Permanent Exhibition of Tools of Rural Life in S. Leonardo in Treponzio, and the Rural Museum of the Piana, where visitors can admire tools and records of rural life.


Permanent Archaeological Exhibition

The G.A.C. - Archaeological Group of Capannori - in collaboration with the Municipality of Capannori, has put on a permanent archaeological exhibition that gathers and shows the results achieved by local voluntary service through a choice of accurately restored findings. The voluntary service has paid particular attention to the development of the archaeological patrimony of the territory.
The exhibition has been relocated from Segromigno in Monte to the new head office in the centre of Capannori in order to give it more visibility and to create a unitary didactic route with the adjacent archaelogical area of via Martiri Lunatesi.
The construction of the new museum was designed so that to show the findings discovered in recent excavations and to summarize, according to these new attestations, the main stages in the history of our territory.


via Cardinal A. Pacini (via della Posta) 20 - 55012 Capannori

Tuesday and Friday, h 09.00 - 12.00. Monday and Wednesday h 21.00 - 23.00. Booking required for the other days.

Tecnical Director Gruppo Archeologico Capannorese - Marco Frilli: +39 0583 928253
President Gruppo Archeologico Capannorese - Mauro Lazzaroni: +39 349 3255018
Web site:

Free entrance.

Guided visits must be booked.
Possibility of booking didactic activities for schools, groups, associations. Visits, opened to everyone, included a lesson and a practical demonstration in an excavation or archaeological site, if requested.

Specifically, visits can be organized to the roman site of Capannori - via Martiri Lunatesi, open in spring and summer.

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