Free HotSpot Wi-Fi on the territory and along the via Francigena

(Internet access for smartphone, i-phone and computer.)

    map of the distribution of free wi-fi hotspots in the territory of Capannori

    Wireless spots with Codice QR (to download touristic information). NO INTERNET ACCESS.

  1. Villa Mansi, parking area
  2. Villa Torrigiani, parking area
  3. Badia di Cantignano, courtyard of the Church

  4. HOT SPOT WI-FI free Internet access one hour per day + Codice QR (to download touristic information).

  5. Matraia, courtyard of the Church
  6. Valgiano, courtyard of the Church
  7. S. Gennaro Palazzo Bocella
  8. Marlia, infopoint
  9. S. Leonardo in Treponzio, infopoint
  10. S. Andrea di, Borgo delle Camelie, town of the Camellias
  11. Lammari, Laghetti, public park
  12. Capannori, town hall, Piazza Aldo Moro
  13. Capannori, public park
  14. Vorno, Tourist reception point
  15. Capannori, Scuola elementare via Carlo Piaggia, Primary school
  16. Capannori via Carlo Piaggia Palazzo della Cultura
  17. Vorno town centre, Tourist reception point
  18. Capannori Nottolini volleyball, Public gymnasium
  19. Capannori, northern area of the parking lot
  20. Capannori, Mensa comunale, public refectory
  21. Carraia, industrial area, parking lot
  22. Lunata – Sanctuary of Madonnina

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smartphone che legge qr-codeQR Codes are spreading innovations that are used to replace visiting cards or Post-it cards on which people annotate addresses, telephone numbers and web sites. A QR Code is a matrix code (also known as bi-dimensional bar code) created by a Japanese corporation. "QR" means "Quick Response". By scanning a QR Code (QuickMark) you can memorize different pieces of information, always available without the necessity of typing them in your terminal. It is a great time-saver.
In order to scan the QR Code, the QuickMark software or similar are required. These softwares are often preinstalled on various models of telephone, smartphone and palmtop.

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