Historical personages

The cultural patrimony of Capannori is characterized by the existence of works of art, monuments of a certain historical and artistic value and by the presence of individuals that, during the course of history, have contributed to the development of the society. Capannori had in fact given birth to personages that have became famous and gained prestige in different fields on local, national and international scale. These personages are collocated in different chronological periods from the end of 1700 to the Second World War.

Lorenzo Nottolini (1787 – 1851) had demonstrated to possess a great interest in the territory and had tried to improve the life style of its inhabitants. The territory of Lucca has abundance of evidences of his activity but his main work involves Capannori: it is the aqueduct that crosses the plain from Guamo to Lucca and was built to take the good water of the Mount Pisano to the city centre.

Felice Matteucci (1808 – 1887) had contributed to modernity: he was the first who projected the gasoline internal combustion engine and developed his creation to its practical realization.

Carlo Piaggia (1827 – 1882), stimulated by his curiosity, he travelled and discovered new worlds. He was a great explorer, took part in various expeditions and met indigenous populations.

Santa Gemma Galgani (1878 – 1903), born in Camigliano, she was an important personage in the religious panorama. In Lucca there is a Passionist nunnery that the Saint had strongly wanted.

Don Aldo Mei (1912 – 1944) was an important personage of the Italian Resistance. He was killed near Lucca.

Lorenzo Nottolini

Felice Matteucci

Carlo Piaggia

Santa Gemma Galgani

Don Aldo Mei

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