Astronomic observatory of Capannori

Astronomic Observatory of CapannoriThe Astronomic observatory of Capannori (O.A.C.) is an observatory located in the fraction of Vorno, on Mount of the Gallonzora, in a panoramic area far away from artificial light that could interfere with the view of the sky.

The scientific administration of the Observatory is given to the Photometric Research Institute(I.R.F.) that carry out scientific research activities in two subject areas: astronomy and the study of the environment. The observatory, in fact, is both astronomic than used to monitor the level of powders in the atmosphere.

The key concepts of the administration of the O.A.C. are: freedom in scientific research, freedom in teaching (both didactic and informative) what science is and autonomy and respect for competences. These key concepts conform with the article n° 33 of the Constitution of the Republic of Italy (“Art and sciense are free and free is their teaching”).



View of the inside of the Astronomic observatory of Capannori The observatory has a telescope room with a hemispherical cupolas roof having a diameter of 3,5 meters and an adjacent control room.
Two telescopes are set up for use inside the observatory:
- a catadioptric telescope with an aperture of 30 cm and fitted with various optic-electrical instruments (photometer, spectrometer, adaptive optics, CCD sensors, photometric filters…) destined to night use and to scientific, didactic and informative activities;
- a small solar telescope equipped with an interferential filter centered on the hydrogen H-alpha line, used during daytime exclusively for didactic and informative activities.
In the picture: The Director of the observatory, Dr. Santangelo (I.R.F.), shows the auxiliary instrumentation to Prof. C.Bartolini of the Astronomic Department of the University of Bologna.


For reasons tied to the delicacy of the equipments and of knowing how to use them, activities in the observatory are allowed exclusively under the direct control of the I.R.F staff.

The observatory is accessible to:

  1. Individual citizens (informative activities);
  2. School children (didactic activities);
  3. Individual professional astronomers (research activities);
  4. Individual researchers interested in the study of the environment (research activities);
  5. Individual fans of astronomy (research activities and/or informative activities);

Free entrance upon reservation.
Visits during the evenings will take place if there will be guaranteed the presence of a minimum of 3 persons to a maximum of 12.

Citizens and school children can book their visits through:

For the researchers, only for purposes of scientific research, you can use the following channel:

As far as professional astronomers , researchers and fans of astronomy are concerned, it is necessary to present a formal written request to the Scientific Directive Council of the Observatory, and to receive the confirmation of the CDS.
Animals are not allowed inside the Observatory and smoking is forbidden.


Reach the parish of Vorno, take via di Valle, the first on the right of the church. Follow the main road for 2 kilometres and climb the hill up to the structure.

The Observatory is located on Mount of the Gallonzora, on its left side, 200 metres before a path and marked by specific directions.



The evening schedule can suffer variations due to weather conditions and/or organizational needs.

Access is free but the structure is indispensable RESERVATION at No. 0583/971081 in order to avoid unpleasant denials.

JUNE 2014
Astronomic Observatory - Monte della Gallonzora - Vorno

Saturday, 14 June 2014
Beginning: h 22.00

Sunday, 15 June 2014
Beginning: h 22.00

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