The Territory

The Territory

The Municipality of Capannori is located in the earth of Tuscany and spreads out in the plain of Lucca for 165,50 kmq, being thus considered one of the biggest rural municipalities of Italy.
The territory presents a central flat area and two hilly sections towards north, in the proximity of the Pizzorne Plateau, and towards south, where Mount Pisano rises.
The boundaries have been changed many times during the years and the present arrangement has been set only in 1925.
Capannori includes forty fractions, each one presenting its own peculiarities and uniqueness. Capannori is, in fact, a complex and diversified territory that presents different landscapes able to satisfy the all possible demands.
History, art, archaeology, traditions, nature.. visitors can find this all and much more, enjoying the atmosphere of this angle of Tuscany.
Capannori: a land to discover.

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