Capannori Earth of Tuscany

Countryside and hills crossed by the evident signs of man: here nature and culture, once upon a time, joined in a wonderful marriage that has been happily lasting for millennia.

Medieval villages, secular courts and aristocratic villas surrounded by stately gardens harmonize with numerous smaller but nonetheless extremely cared-for home gardens, where flowers and vegetables are treated with fondness and gratitude one generation after the other. 

And then there are the vineyards and the olive groves and water, lots of water from springs, wells, torrents, rivers. From the abundance of this "raw material" benefits a rich and large, luxurious environment that has no intention of giving way to wild disorderly urban development.

In the territory of Capannori, more than elsewhere in Tuscany, the development and safeguard of environmental goods and typical produces constitute today an element of great attraction for visitors from all over the world as well as professional opportunities for entrepreneurs and workers.

For Capannori "modernity" has not assumed  the significance of abandoning a patrimony made of history, ancient knowledge, tradition and human work, but a new way to relate with the environment and the ability of interweaving production activities, safeguard and reproduction of the natural resources.

The Capannori landscape perfectly integrates places where, over the ages, an extremely lively craftsmen creativity found its expression of functionality, aesthetical beauty, technology and art.

An extraordinary richness that must be protected and alimented!

And not only just for a " nostalgia operation", in any case dutiful to safeguard our cultural origins, but rather to establish a new, more qualified relationship with the environment and its ability of becoming source of work and occupation and territory bound high quality produces.

In Capannori, history, art and environment seem to meet the interests of an increasing tourism, more and more qualified, oriented toward prestigious, non- conventional itineraries that unite tradition and nature with those aspects of hospitality and care typical of an ancient civilisation.

Luciano Luciani

Image of Luciano LucianiLuciano Luciani was born in Rome and lives has been living is Lucca for the last 30 years. Professor of Italian and Latin, he loves Tuscan cigars, cats and noir novels. Journalist and publicist by family tradition, he collaborates with some local and national newspapers and magazines where he writes of micro-stories, minor literature, long and forgotten events and of rumpled and obsolete personages.

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