Markets are an interesting peculiarity of the territory. Every week, the fractions where they take place are filled with villagers and tourists.
Weekly schedule of the markets in Capannori:


Tuesday morning
San Leonardo in T.zio – public green area at the former stable district n.4


Wednesday morning
Guamo - via di Vorno
Segromigno in Piano - Michela Fanini square


Tuesday morning
Marlia - Mercato square
Segromigno in Monte - car park in Via di Piaggiori


Friday morning
Capannori - Aldo Moro square
Lammari - via della Chiesa


Saturday morning
Capannori - via del Popolo
Colle di Compito - Cimitero square


Saturday morning
Marlia - Ex Mercato Ortofrutticolo

The "Mercato contadino" is part of the project "Filiera corta lucchese". This project intends to create a closer relationship between consumer and producer by promoting the market system practiced in the past. Typical local produces are the main characters of these markets and they are cheaper than the produces sold retail.