Main events in Capannori

The territory of Capannori is rich of events all year round. These are occasions to take part to high quality initiatives.

The territory itself offers different solutions for the organization of interesting events that, every year, charm people from all over the world. Visitors may discover Capannori and its peculiarities in this way.

The main appointments are:


Carnevalmarlia is a yearly appointment that takes place during Carnival period. The masquerate is accompanied by the carnival parade of paper-maché floats and by the exhibition of local bands along with various concerts and other events.
In 2004 the Carnival of Marlia celebrated its 100th birthday.
The Carnevalmarlia Committee - that organizes the event - in collaboration with Assessorato alla Cultura of Capannori, realizes yearly courses to show how work with paper-mache.



image of the exhibition of the CamelliasThe Exhibition of the Ancient Camellias of Lucca is an important event that takes place during the month of March in the fractions of Pieve di Compito and Sant'Andrea di Compito. Thanks to the perfect microclimate and soil, camellia finds in the  Compitese area(in the south of the territory) the perfect ambient for its growth.
Exhibition and guided visits to gardens in order to discover the various kind of camellia are accompanied by other events such as tea tasting (Camellia Sinensis), meetings and so on.



image of May 1In the day of the Workers Day, celebrated in Piazza Aldo Moro in Capannori, takes place the 1st May Concert. Various famous artists, such as PFM, Elio e le Storie Tese, Nomadi and Stadio, have taken part to this event along with other young groups of Lucca.




LE FIORITE (May - June)

flowersflowersIn the day that celebrates Corpus Domini, in the past, processions ran along street adorned with flowers and ribbons. The creation of the "fiorite", suggestive carpets made of petals, was a peculiarity of those processions. Villagers create these decorations picking petals and disposing them in floreal mosaics that represent perfect examples of local creativity and religious fervour.
The most famous Fiorita of Capannori is the one that takes place in Camigliano, along the road that leads to Villa Torrigiani. Villagers dedicated and dedicate great care to the realization of the Fiorita: multicoloured petals are gathered and geometrically disposed on the street.
This event takes place in an unforgettable scenary: the avenue that leads to the suggestive Villa Torrigiani, flanked by secular pines, is entirely covered with multicoloured petals.



image of the event Oltrepassareimage of the event Oltrepassare"Oltrepassare" is an event organized by the municipality of Capannori in collaboration with other associations. The aim of this event is basically to connect different cultures and traditions. There are discussions about social and cultural topics, theatrical and musical exhibitions and thematic dinners.



image of the Ballon Glowimage of the festival air"Festa dell'Aria", organized by the municipality of Capannori in collaboration with other associations, is dedicated to the sports related to the air: parachuting, model aircraft making, kites, hang-gliders, balloons, sailplanes, paragliders. The main event of Festa dell'Aria is the Air Show, a day dedicated to the breath-taking acrobatics exhibitions of air patrols.
During the exhibition take also place other kind of events.



image of the nativity sceneIn the fraction of Ruota, a parish on the hills of the south area of the territory, on the 26th of Dicember takes place the Living Nativity. This event has taken place since 1987 and has became very important. It involves villagers and attracts tourists. The villagers of Ruota participate actively, wear antique dresses and open houses and cellars in order to show ancient artesan works typical of our past. Along the streets of the parish we find  brazier. Workshops are lit with candles and the air is filled with Christmas' songs. In this suggestive atmosphere visitors may taste typical local produces.
The main event of this exhibition is the representation of the Nativity. Traditionally, the part of the Holy Child is played by the last male baby born in the village, accompanied by the mother and father that play the roles of Mary and Joseph.